Although it would be ideal if sunshine and rain were all your trees needed to grow and thrive, the reality is that trees are much like any other living thing in that they require the right nutrients and soil conditions in order to stay healthy and strong. The deep root fertilization process ensures that your tree receives everything necessary in order to live. This process involves the injection of a nutrient rich solution directly into the soil around the root zone. Unlike standard fertilization techniques, this ensures that the nutrients actually reach the roots of the tree where they can easily be absorbed.

Nutrient Rich

Most know that all plants require some combination of sunlight, water, and oxygen in order to live. However, it is not as simple as that. Various different types of plants need different amounts of nutrients from the soil, which are taken up through the roots. Because the composition and condition of soil can vary greatly from one area to another, not all locations are ideal for certain plants to grow. That doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to sickly and dying trees. Deep root fertilization introduces important nutrients into the soil and helps to improve soil conditions so you can have a beautiful, healthy tree anywhere.

More Oxygen

Deep root fertilization uses pressure to inject a special nutrient solution into the soil. A byproduct of this process is also an increased amount of oxygen for the roots of your tree. In addition to much needed nutrients, your tree will also enjoy more oxygen to nourish it. Our arborists methodically carry out their work to make sure that your tree is receiving everything in needs in the quantities that it needs. Our tree service guarantees results that homeowners will be satisfied with.

Improve Soil Conditions

Damaged roots, compacted soil, or disease can make it more difficult for a tree to properly receive and absorb available nutrients. The techniques and products that we use not only provide a boost to the health of your trees, but also to the condition of your soil. With regular deep root fertilization treatments, you can see a drastic improvement to soil conditions in the long term. Our tree care experts are able to help with a wide range of problems and concerns. No matter what your gardening woes are, we will be happy to assist you in remediating them.

Better Health and More Beautiful Trees

When your tree receives adequate oxygen, nutrients, sunlight, and water, it will flourish and grow beyond your expectations. Many clients are surprised at the level of improvement in the health and appearance of their trees with yearly deep root fertilization. While a tree may look strong, there is still a delicate balance that is needed to make sure it is in optimal condition. If you have been looking for a tree care service that can deliver more than just hedge trimming or tree cutting, you have come to the right place.

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