A healthy tree sprouting from the perfect place in your yard can be a major asset to your property. Many homeowners love having a tall and leafy tree to provide them with some shade while working, playing, or relaxing outdoors. It can also be the perfect place to build a tree house or hang a tire swing for the children. However, sometimes a tree can also cause problems for property owners. It may stand in the way of a planned home addition or its proximity to the house may threaten to cause your home damage. In these cases, Grapevine Tree Service can assist you with safe and professional tree removal services.

Make Way

From time to time, homeowners may need to clear away a tree to make room for an extension, new pool, or vegetable garden. They not only require the tree to be cut down, but they also need the stump and roots removed to open up the land for other uses. These are not easy tasks, and it is important to seek the help of a professional before attempting to remove a tree for safety reasons. A falling tree can cause serious injuries or property damage, which means you need to make sure you approach things in a controlled manner. Luckily, our tree service in Grapevine TX can do that for you.

Dead Trees

Dead trees not only take away from the beauty of your property, but they can also be quite dangerous. Because they tend to be dried out, they are much more prone to fires as well as breakage. It is best not to leave the tree around until something goes wrong. Our tree removal services can help you get rid of any dead trees around your home in a safe and thorough manner. We will remove all traces of the tree including its stump to clear the land for your use.

Unsightly Stumps

For stump removals, we typically use a stump grinder to carefully get rid of unwanted tree stumps for our clients in order to minimize any disturbance to the surrounding landscaping. When it comes to land clearing, we know you need every last trace of the tree to be gone. We won’t leave you with an unsightly and inconvenient stump protruding from the ground to deal with. Our tree service company goes the distance to ensure our customers receive the results they want. Whether it comes to tree cutting, brush clearing, brush removal, or stump grinding, our professional arborists will do a thorough and quality job.

Safe Removal

There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to tree cutting or tree removal. Those heavy branches and trunks can cause a great deal of damage. The last thing you want is to send a large branch crashing onto your roof or destroying your neighbor’s yard. More importantly, you don’t want yourself or anyone else getting hurt. Our affordable and professional tree removal services ensure that your land clearing goes smoothly without any hiccups.

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