While most property owners will gladly welcome colorful butterflies or even friendly honeybees in their yard, other insects can wreak havoc on the trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables in your garden. Although many clients are eager to get rid of these pests, they are also often concerned about how pesticides or other chemicals may affect the health of their family or the environment around them. At Grapevine Tree Service, it is our mission to help you control insects and diseases that harm your plants without the use of harsh and dangerous sprays that destroy the earth.

Destructive Guests

There are a wide variety of insects that homeowners loathe to see in their yard – and for good reason. While they may be small, an infestation of insects can quickly eat away at your greenery or damage the health of your trees in a short span of time. Rather than let nature take its course, there is something you can do about it. Contact our tree service company and we will send an expert arborist out to assess the situation for you and help you determine the most effective and safe way to get rid of your unwanted guests.

Sickly Trees

Insects are not the only threat to the health of your trees and brush. Disease can be an invisible killer of your property’s greenery and plants. It may be harder to identify the presence of a disease than it is to spot insects flying or hopping around your garden, but if you notice a sudden and drastic decline in the appearance and health of your trees, it would be wise to speak to a professional to determine what the cause is. Similar to diseases in humans, diseases affecting trees can spread from one tree to another. It is important to take care of the problem as soon as possible to prevent widespread damage.

Environmentally Friendly

If you care about the health and vibrancy of your trees, there is a good chance that you are someone who values the beauty and importance of nature. We understand that many of our clients want to preserve the environment, and would prefer an environmentally friendly approach to dealing with insects and disease. That is why we make an effort to find the safest techniques and products for insect and disease control. Not only is it important to us to protect the natural beauty of our community, but we also want to make sure that our clients, their families, and their pets are not exposed to harmful chemicals that can affect their health.

Effective Solutions

Our tree care service has been assisting clients for many years with a wide range of problems and concerns. We know how to deal with tree care-related issues in an effective and efficient manner. When our clients request assistance with insect or disease control, we make sure that our solutions target the correct problem with minimal collateral damage. We are available for residential or commercial tree service.

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