​A severe storm can cause devastating damage to your property, including your yard or garden. It is not uncommon to find broken branches scattered throughout your landscape after a rough storm. A particularly powerful storm can even uproot or snap a tree in your yard. Dealing with all this chaos on your own can be difficult. At Grapevine Tree Service, we offer clients assistance with storm damage cleanups. Whether you need large branches removed from your patio or a fallen tree cleared from your driveway, we can help. Just give our tree service company a call for fast and responsive help.

Fallen Tree Removal

A tree that has toppled over can create a massive amount of destruction to your home or property. However, before you can even begin to assess the damage or deal with it, you need to safely remove and dispose of the tree. This is not easily to accomplish, and you can risk injury or further property damage if you are not careful. Let our experts help you with fallen tree removal and other storm damage cleanup tasks. We will make sure that we restore order to your property and rid you of the mess left by the storm.

Branches and Debris

While it may not be all that difficult to pick up a few twigs that have fallen on your driveway during a storm, sometimes larger branches can pose a problem. If you need help removing large or heavy branches that have fallen on your property during a storm, contact Grapevine Tree Service. Our tree care service is there to help on the good days and the bad. From tree trimming to tree removal, it is our pleasure to help our clients whenever they need it. We will be happy to help you get rid of fallen branches, damaged trees, or uprooted brush in the aftermath of a storm.

Tree Damage

There are many ways a tree can suffer damage during a storm. Lightning may cause a tree to catch fire or completely scorch a tree. High winds can break branches or even snap the trunk of a tree in half. Over the years, we have seen it all. Mother Nature is a powerful force and when she strikes, all types of damage can result. Even the biggest, most hardy tree is not safe from her ire. Fortunately, no matter what fate befalls your tree, our team is there to help you get things under control.

Timely Care

After a storm, your property can be left in complete disarray. In addition to the mess it leaves behind, there can also be damage to homes, buildings, powerlines, and other structures or infrastructures. We know that our clients need our help as soon as possible so they can bounce back following a severe storm. Whether there is a window that has been broken or a driveway that has been blocked, we understand how important it is to first help clean up the branches, fallen trees, and other obstructions or hazards before anything else can happen.

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