​A healthy, mature tree that has taken deep roots can easily withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at it. However, a young sapling starts out much more weak and vulnerable. It’s sometimes necessary to provide some protecting for new trees or trees that have been damaged or compromised in some way. Tree cabling and bracing ensures that your trees get that extra bit of care they need to continue growing strong and beautiful. Whether you are preparing for hurricane season or planting some new trees, Grapevine Tree Service will be happy to have our arborists help you figure out the best way to keep your trees standing strong.

Straighten Up

Occasionally, a tree may begin to grow at a precarious angle. No matter how strong the tree, it cannot resist the forces of gravity forever. Cabling or bracing the tree can help ensure that it does not suddenly topple under its own weight. Additionally, with expert care it may even be possible to correct the growth of the tree and straighten it up towards the sky once again. If you are concerned about a tree that seems to be leaning, give us a call and we will see what can be done to assist you.

Lock It Down

Hurricane strength winds have been known to completely uproot or knock over otherwise perfectly healthy trees. Smaller species of trees or young saplings are particularly vulnerable to high winds or inclement weather conditions. Tree bracing or cabling is an effective way to help keep these trees roots to the ground and prevent them from falling or crashing into your home or damaging your property. Our experienced arborists understand how to effectively brace your tree or cable several trees together in a way that ensures they are better able to withstand anything that comes their way.

Stand Strong

When a tree has been growing in your yard for years and even decades, it starts to take on some sentimental value. As long as a tree is healthy and does not pose a risk to your home, it can be great to keep it around for the additional cooling, shade, and enjoyment it provides. For some homeowners, it can be heartbreaking to unexpectedly lose a tree due to an accident or storm. If you are concerned that a beloved tree in your yard may be adversely impacted by weather events, contact us for professional tree services.

Weather the Storms

Although it can take a mighty powerful gust of wind to knock down a tree, things like this do happen from time to time. Particularly, if a tree is already compromised in some way, it may be especially vulnerable during a storm or hurricane season. Protect your tree or trees from natural disaster. Our cabling and bracing techniques will make your tree stronger without harming the health of your tree or greatly impacting the appearance of your yard in a negative way. You can contact us to learn more about our tree services.
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