​Grapevine Tree Service offers residential tree service as well as commercial tree service to homeowners and business owners in Grapevine TX and surrounding areas. We focus on providing exceptional tree care for our clients, as well as a helpful and informative customer service experience. Our arborists love to answer questions and provide tips on how to ensure your trees and bushes grow healthy and strong. Part of our job is to educate our clients and help them make better decisions regarding the care of their trees and brush. We believe this is the best way to make sure that they have the most beautiful, luscious, and healthy greenery for their landscape.

Our tree services include many aspects of tree care. Starting from tree planting, we can help you with all stages in the life cycle of your tree. We offer tree cabling and bracing to protect young trees and saplings early on, and provide tree pruning to shape your tree and help remove damaged or dead branches as it starts grow larger and fuller. During this time, we can also assist you with insect or disease control to make sure your tree continues to thrive. Finally, at the end of its life, we can offer you our tree removal service and stump grinding to help clear the land for something new. You can find a more detailed list of our services below:

·         Tree & Brush Trimming
·         Tree & Stump Removal
·         Tree Cabling & Bracing
·         Deep Root Fertilization
·         Insect & Disease Control
·         Storm Damage Cleanup

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