There is something mystical and magical about the way trees and shrubs grow freely and widely out in nature, however, when it comes to your garden it’s a different story. A yard that is not carefully maintained can look messy and unattractive. More importantly, overgrown trees and bushes can block your view and limit the amount of sunlight that reaches your home or flowerbeds. This is why tree and brush trimming are important parts of yard care. Whether it comes to your front yard or backyard, you want to make sure you have a beautiful and tidy space that can be enjoyed by your family.

Bring Order to the Jungle

At Grapevine Tree Service, we offer an affordable and professional tree trimming service that you can put your trust in. We know how to give your yard the care it deserves. We’ll trim back any trees or hedges that are causing you problems or obstructing paths or patios while making sure your plants remain healthy and beautiful. Stop dodging low hanging tree branches or overgrown hedges every time you stroll through the garden. Our tree trimmers will bring order back to your yard!

Shape Those Hedges

Unfortunately, hedges do not always grow in perfectly rounded and neat shapes. If you’ve ever wondered why your hedges and bushes do not look the way you want them to, it is because you are missing a very crucial element – a professional tree service! We help our clients manage and maintain their yards up to their expectations. This includes assisting with tree pruning, tree planting, tree removal Tree & Stump Removal, and more. Let us know what your vision for your yard is and we will do our best to make sure it is perfect for you.

Bring in More Sunlight

Large, leafy trees and bushy brushes may look lovely, but sometimes they can block out more sunlight than you would like. While shade is nice to have on an especially hot summer day, most homeowners still enjoy being bathed in beams of warm, yellow sunshine. Our tree trimming service is ideal for those who want to maintain the perfect balance of sun and shade in their yard. By trimming back your trees and the brush around your property, you can bring in more sunlight and natural light for your home. This can also be important if you have flowerbeds or vegetable gardens that need their sunshine as well but are unable to get it due to tall trees or thick hedges.

Remove Dead Branches

Dead branches can be an accident waiting to happen. A diseased or dead branch may not necessarily fall off a tree right away, but eventually gravity will work its magic. You don’t want to be caught beneath the tree when that happens, so take the first step and have Grapevine Tree Service help you remove any dead or damaged branches before they injure you or a family member. A tree branch cutter will help you get rid of any branches that may pose a hazard to your property or persons in the area.
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